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04 Jun 23
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Medical treatment in Kołobrzeg

Medical treatment is one of the most important elements of the country’s healthcare. It comprises, among others, a continuation of clinical treatment and supplement to outpatient treatment. It is frequently a crucial part of the curative and prophylactic activities. We kindly invite you all year long: in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Visit us and discover the charm of Kołobrzeg. We will take care of your health.

For adults and children

Kołobrzeg Health Resort conducts medical treatments in the form of spa hospitals for adults and children, as well as sanatoriums. We invite you to stay in hospitals and sanatoriums which offer the following  treatment facilities: 

  • Mewa Sanatorium
  • Muszelka Sanatorium
  • Perła Bałtyku Sanatorium
  • Słoneczko Children Health Resort Hospital 

We treat both adults and children (aged 3-18). 


Treatments of adults include:

  • respiratory system diseases 
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • endocrine and metabolic system diseases (mainly diabetes, thyroid disease)

Treatment of adults includes:

  • respiratory diseases including bronchial asthma                                                 
  • endocrine and metabolic system diseases, nutritional and metabolic disorders (mainly diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity)
  • allergic skin disorders

Uzdrowisko Kołobrzeg S.A., NIP 671 01 01 676, REGON 000288171, KRS 0000048198 Sąd Rejonowy w Koszalinie IX Wydział Gospodarczy


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